Building & Selling A Dropshipping Business with JohnnyFD

What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • How Johnny built his first Dropshipping business. (It’s not the traditional type of dropshipping business using Oberlo + AliExpress)
  • How Johnny managed to sell his business & then repeat the process a second time!
  • Why it’s so important to be in the right communities & connect with like minded people who inspire you
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    The importance of building multiple revenue streams for online entrepreneurs
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    The upcoming Digital Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai on Jan 19th 2019
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    Why it's so important to think logically about profit first vs being a busy fool
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    Deciding when it's time to sell your business
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    Actionable tips and advice for those who are looking to get started as a Digital Nomad and work online
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    The power of networking to grow your business

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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I'm Adam, The host of the Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast. I welcome you on this crazy journey of entrepreneurship, story telling and knowledge seeking in the ever changing world of online business!

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